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Buck has beat out Manolito for the right to go to Mexico to attend a large Fiesta in a small town there known for a wild time. On the way he stops for a drink at a cantina in Mexico where he sees the local sport of boy fighting. The boys are orphans owned by men who wager on their fights. Seeing the losing boy Beto taking a beating Buck stops the fight to rescue him. When he learns the boy is essentially a slave, he decides to take Beto with him against the wishes of Homero José who owns Beto. With the help of the Mexican Federales, the two escape town but are tracked down by Homero. During an attack they lose Buck's horse but Buck is able to get Beto to a poor family farm where they are fed. Homero catches up them but the farmer ultimately ends up shooting Homero. The family takes in Beto who although never talkative or friendly hates be be left behind by Buck. Buck never makes Fiesta and returns to the High Chaparral emotionally drained.

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