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One Nation, Under Surveillance
41 min


Nevada state Senator Billy Cole, relatively happily married son of the state's U.S. Senator and a Marines mate of Danny McCoy whose life he once saved, is received like royalty, but shows Danny photos of a maid kissing him, made to blackmail him out of political life. Dan finds the non-casino maid suspicious on surveillance videos and brings in help, but after a CD is delivered which the pictures came from, digital enhancement shows it's a 16 year-old, Mindi Distassi; even her parents lost contact three months ago, but a single call back-number is enough to follow the trace, and get surprising answers... Ed Deline is shown photos suggesting Sam Marquez may have contacts with a drug cartel, so he tails her personally when she brings a brown bag to a ghetto family... After decades of 'boring' living safely, actuary Dan 'Flamin' Clayman has sold all his possessions on e-bay and is now staking the full $180,000 at the Montecito roulette, big publicity but if he loses the casino will look ruthless, however he even has a manager, Sandy Schultz, who sets up deals greedily...

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