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The Captain's Car
29 min


Captain George Mainwaring is delighted when widowed Lady Maltby offers his Home Guard platoon first choice, over Mr. Hodges's A.R.P. Wardens, for the use of her Rolls Royce while she can't get rationed petrol anyway. Its first appearance would be the high-profile visit of a French general who will pin up decorations. To jealous snob Mainwaring's green envy, his bright but unassertive sergeant Arthur Wilson, a warmly greeted relative of the lady who doesn't even notice his name or rank, is also asked by H.Q. to write and deliver the welcome speech for the general, as he alone masters French. To turn it into a proper staff car, the Rolls must be camouflaged; on the way to the paint shop the lady's driver runs out of petrol at the town hall, so he calls and Frank drags uncle Arthur along with petrol 'commandeered' from Hodges's sidecar. The captain believes them unable and sends the platoon to tow the Rolls; Frazer smells a profit in doing the paint job for less in his funeral establishment, but from then on things go spectacularly wrong...

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