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Is There Honey Still for Tea?
29 min


Three months after the bomb on the bank, Mr. George Mainwaring makes a terrible fuss about the 'undignified' standard government-issue new door for his office, even before it becomes clear the tar paper is also fragile rubbish, ruined within minutes. Alas an early visitor, the Home Guard Colonel, brings a worse concern: Defense is building a new aerodrome for the RAF, and the idyllic cottage Mr. Godfrey lives in with his sisters Dolly and Cissy must be demolished to make room for it, the platoon is asked to break the news before the official notice. A visit from Mainwaring, Arthur and Pike is most enjoyable, tea and home-made refreshments in the sort of country garden with blooming roses 'just what we are fighting for', but neither has the heart to tell their generous hosts' tiny ancestral paradise is doomed. Now Godfrey's contemporaries are to tell the Nestor, during guard duty, but Frazer only contributes 'Jones had bad news for you'; Godfrey however surprises him - the notice already arrived. Yet Frazer has the biggest surprise, which none of the others is told about, even while they all help the Godfrey family move, because of a deceptive Scottish politician...

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