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Come In, Your Time Is Up
30 min


In preparation for a bivouac weekend, captain Mainwaring gives a lecture, in the vicar's garden as the indoor church premises are spoken for, so the gardener bothers the vicar, who prepares his sermon, about the Home Guardsmen behaving 'improperly'. After lessons in hedgehog-cooking in mud - poor Pike! - putting up two-man tents without making holes in the lawn - poor Pike, Jones and tent - and starting a fire, actually trying not to light it - poor Pike and lawn - it's off to the field. Alas, Mr. Hodges cheerfully gave a lift to vicar, verger and their troop of Sea Scouts to man a Pirates raft (for the Spitfire fund), running out of petrol so he has to sleep in his van, more undesired neighbors for Mainwaring. The three Nazi crewman of a German bomber - spotted at night by Frazer - have parachuted down into the river, so once they're detected in the morning Hodges, the only one to speak German, is commandeered at the point of Jones's bayonet to join the RAF-commandeered raft for two rather too watery attempts to capture the 'swines' from their inflated dingy...

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