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The Enterprise travels to the planet Haven in the hope of providing the crew with some much deserved shore leave. On arrival however there is a message for Counselor Troi - her fiancé and his parents are waiting for them and would like to proceed with the wedding. Troi is genuinely shocked - as is Riker - but the engagement is genuine having been arranged by the parents when Troi and her intended, Wyatt Miller, were just children. Also waiting for her is her mother, Lwaxana Troi, a larger than life personality who dominates any room just by her presence. For Troi and Wyatt, there seems to be little time to get to know one another but there is another problem: she's not who he was expecting to see. Since early childhood, he has dreamed of a beautiful blond woman and just assumed it was Troi. When it turns out to be someone else, neither are sure what to do. Captain Picard soon has another situation to deal with however when a Tarellian vessel suddenly appears, obviously destined to Haven. The Tarellians carry an incurable plague and the last of them were thought killed many years before. When the Enterprise establishes visual contact with their ship, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

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