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Sirena's Secret
25 min


Rita continues to train the girls (this time, how to squeeze lemons from a distance using their fingers). David is holding auditions for a singer to join him in performing at the Ocean Café. Zac gives Evie a glass figurine of two dolphins for their eight month anniversary. Lyla and Nixie see how Sirena and David interact with each other and become concerned that if she gets the singing position, they'll fall further in love and Sirena will leave the pod forever (just like Rita did). Sirena tries out and sounds terrific but Lyla and Nixie interfere using the technique Rita showed them to strain Sirena's vocal chords. Her voice goes so high, it smashes Evie's figurine. Zac witnesses them do it and practices the technique on Cam. When Carly tries out, Zac uses it to make her sound fabulous so David hires her. Evie fills Zac in on David's real reason to audition singers: so he could be with Sirena. The girls see each other's sides and make up. Zac regrets what he did and does not assist Carly's singing during the debut performance. Sirena gets to sing with David, after all.

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