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Home Wreckers
English, Hawaiian
30 min


Ted is telling his kids the crisis he endured at the announcement of his mother's second marriage to free thinking Clint, whose every word about Ted's mother is of a sexual nature. Not being able to contain his horror not only in her marrying a man like Clint but her marrying for a second time before Ted even enters into his first marriage, Ted runs off in the middle of the reception. But when he emerges 72 hours later, Ted is a new, happier man. He has circumvented his own non-marriage status by buying a house. Although he considers it his dream house, the gang see a run down uninhabitable rat trap. The home inspector concurs. Lily thinks she has at least a cathartic solution to Ted's problem. But it's Marshall who knows deep down what Ted will do. Meanwhile, Robin and Barney have differing stories about which of the two of them cried at Clint's sexually charged wedding serenade to and about Ted's mom. And Marshall comes up with a new guessing game he calls "was I a kid or was I drunk?"

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