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Romeward Bound
English, Italian
21 min


Lily and Marshall's life is in a perfect place, running like a well-oiled machine. A wrench is thrown into that machine when The Captain tells Lily that he is moving to Rome, and wants her to accompany him to continue her work as his art consultant in one of the most important art cities in the world. Lily contemplates making a unilateral decision on the matter without even telling Marshall of the offer before making that decision. Marshall's own perfect job may be only one important consideration, but Lily may have secret motives for what she decides. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney spot a woman in the bar, who Ted knows from attending the same yoga class as her. He says that she has the most "redonkulous" body he has ever seen, but Barney may never be able to find out as she is wearing this over-sized coat which she doesn't seem to want to take off. Barney does whatever he can to get her to remove that coat. But what will Robin think about Barney's latest mission, especially with this woman?

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