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Zoo or False
30 min


Marshall no longer has his wallet because he was mugged while walking through Central Park. He changes his story slightly because Lily, now afraid of life in the city, wants to get a gun to protect herself. Robin feels that Marshall's new story is newsworthy and wants to interview him on the morning show. He is reluctant to do so if only because telling the story to the public would make him a laughing stock... or does he have another reason for not wanting to go public? Ted is somewhat perturbed because he feels he being responsible for building the Empire State Building for the largest scale model version of the New York skyline is more newsworthy and doesn't understand why Robin won't ask him to appear on her show. Based on circumstances, Ted thinks he has a plan to get on the show, but the outcome, straight out of a Hollywood movie, may not be what he was envisioning (at least not the Hollywood movie he had in mind). And Barney wants to use Marshall's story to pick up women for sympathy sex.

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