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Although Ted is happy that the firm's client liked his design for the Spokane National Bank making him now the boss, he doesn't like a lot of what having to be the boss entails, like the fact that most of his former colleagues, who are now his employees, dislike him solely because he is the boss. The worst part is that his former boss, the arrogant and mean spirited Hammond Druthers, is now one of those employees, although he still treats Ted poorly. Brady, one of the managing partners of the firm, recommends to Ted that he fire Druthers. Ted has every intention of firing Druthers and having fun doing it, but he begins to have mixed emotions about doing it after spending some time with Druthers and finding out about his life. Meanwhile, Barney, Ted and Robin find a nude painting of Marshall that Lily painted of him while they were in college. Beyond the embarrassment that Marshall feels especially as Barney, Ted and Robin taunt him with public exposure of the painting, the painting brings up certain feelings within both Barney and Lily, who feel they could mutually benefit from acting on those feelings.

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