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The Naked Truth
22 min


Immediately after his drunken spree at Punchy's wedding, Marshall learns that he is one step away from landing his dream job working in environmental lawyer Garrison Cootes' law firm. That last step is for them to do a background check to make sure that there are no unseemly skeletons in his closet. Feeling that that drunken spree may have cost him the job and thus vowing never to get drunk again, Marshall does his own Internet search to find any of those skeletons. He finds one video, posted by a college colleague named Pete Durkenson, of Marshall doing a supposed fraternity prank called Beercules. Believing that video could cost him his dream job, Marshall tries to track down Pete to get him to remove the video. Finding a seemingly still immature Pete may get Marshall into even more trouble. Meanwhile, Nora finally agrees to meet with Barney, who tries to do whatever he can to make her believe he's a changed man, even if it takes a marathon in an all-night diner. And Ted decides to start dating again, using his cover story in New York magazine as a come-on to pick-up women. He manages to land two women who are potential girlfriend candidates. He has to figure out which he will take to the prestigious (at least in his own mind) architect's ball to seal the deal. If Robin has her way, she will be the one he takes to the ball if only so that she can meet Lenny Kravitz, who Ted mentions always attends the event.

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