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Symphony of Illumination
22 min


Child-hating Robin is dismayed at being pregnant, but is mildly surprised at Barney's reaction when she tells him that he's the father. Beyond how this situation will affect Robin's relationship with Kevin, they both go through a roller coaster of emotions about being potential parents based on encounters with other people, Barney's with his old pre-Ted wing man, Insane Duane, and Robin's with Lily's gynecologist Dr. Sonya, who provides her with some additional news about her situation. Ted, who can tell that something is bothering Robin, tries, against her wishes, to cheer her up without knowing the entire situation. Meanwhile, Marshall is determined to have the best Christmas light display ever in the tri-state area. He gets a taste of what it's going to be like to be a father when he gets help putting up the display from a neighborhood teenager named Scott.

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