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The Yips
21 min


Ted talks his four friends into joining a gym with him. There, Robin loses all signs of her femininity, Marshall gets the trainer from hell, while Lily gets the trainer who wants to nurture other things in her. Through it all, Ted seems never to be around, until... Meanwhile, Barney runs into Rhonda at the gym, she the older woman friend of his mother's to who he lost his virginity. He is offended that she doesn't remember him, especially since she at the time told him that he was best sex that she had ever had, and being what many in the neighborhood called "the man maker", she had had many men. Barney is devastated that when she finally does remember who he is, she confesses that Barney's brother James paid her to tell him those things to boost his confidence. As those words were what made Barney the man he is today, he loses all his ability to talk to women effectively. He hopes that attending a Victoria's Secret fashion show post party will provide him the atmosphere to get his womanizing mojo back.

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