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Thanksgiving 2007 is a special one for Lily as the first with Marshall and Lily as Mr. & Mrs. It is also the first with the five friends spending it together, which they hope will become a tradition, except that Robin has invited Bob, the 41-year old she has just started dating. The potential tradition may seem a little different for Robin and Ted as after six months of no longer being a couple, they still haven't gotten to a stage of feeling comfortable with each other in a friends situation. They can't even spend time alone together without that awkward feeling. After they break that awkwardness with an unforeseen act the night before Thanksgiving, they have to come to an understanding about whether they truly are friends or if spending time together now is just a matter of convenience. And Marshall has something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. He he renamed this particular Thanksgiving "Slapsgiving". He previously won a bet with Barney allowing him to slap Barney five times. Two slaps have already occurred. But Marshall has set up a countdown clock to when he will provide Barney with slap number three on the middle of Thanksgiving.

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