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No Tomorrow
22 min


It's St. Patrick's Day 2008. Like they have every year and like most New Yorkers do, Barney believes that he and the gang are going out partying. But Marshall, Lily, Robin and Ted have instead decided to go to Marshall and Lily's new place and play board games. A dejected Barney goes off to party without them. But Barney later convinces Ted to ditch the others and join him when he tells Ted that he has found hot dates for the two of them. Ted feels guilty about ditching the others. As the evening progresses and as Ted feels guilty about one action after another, the evening just gets better and better for him. Reverse karma seems to be working for Ted, but will the universe ultimately punish him by night's end? Meanwhile, Marshall, Lily and Robin head to the new apartment. Robin notices something strange about the place. When she figures it out, she tells Marshall the problem, he who doesn't have the heart to tell his wife that the place they just bought with their life savings has this major, major flaw.

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