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Architect of Destruction
60 min


Despite believing it his big break, Ted tells Barney that he is quitting his job designing the new GNB headquarters since he has learned that the site of the building is where the old Arcadian Hotel stands. The Arcadian, a once grand building, has fallen into disrepair of late. The gang believe that Ted's stand is probably not because of a want to save the building but because there is a woman involved. They are correct, the woman being Zoey, an activist, for who saving the Arcadian is only one of many of her causes. But being a beautiful "architecture nerd" is what turns Ted on about her. As Barney does whatever he can to make Ted change his mind or have someone else change his mind for him, some further information about Zoey may really bring into light whether Ted is doing this for the Arcadian or for Zoey. Meanwhile, Robin has started dating Marshall's friend Max. When Lily tells Marshall some news about Max that Robin passed onto her, Marshall may never be able to look at Max the same way again, or at least look at him below the waist the same way again.

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