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Now We're Even
22 min


For the first time in quite some time, Ted is living by himself, and he begins to relish the fact that his apartment is his castle where he can do as he pleases without having to answer to anyone but himself. Ted's peace is shattered by Barney, who, despite feeling that he is in love with Quinn and enjoying telling everyone that he is dating a stripper, wants to hang out with Ted in bro mode every night to make each - wait for it - legendary. Meanwhile, Lily has had another of her sex dreams which did not involve Marshall. Marshall doesn't mind Lily having these dreams as she always tells him about them afterward. But this time, Lily won't tell him about it. Marshall surmises that it's because she dreamed about one of their friends. He'll know who it is when Lily blushes in front of that person the bright vermilion color she blushed when she first uncomfortably tried to skirt Marshall's questioning to her about the dream. And Robin is lamenting the fact that despite being an on-air personality for a national news program, she still isn't famous. Her first eye in the sky traffic report might change that status, but not in the way she would have thought or wanted.

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