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After his break-up with Quinn, Barney is getting right back on his old horse with what is he calling Bangtoberfest. But he wants Bangtoberfest to be different than his old pick-ups, which may be a little more difficult than he first imagines. Meanwhile, Mickey has come to live with Lily and Marshall unexpectedly after he burns down his house. His arrival may be perfect timing for Lily and Marshall as Lily is about to go back to work, and they haven't been able to find a nanny that they can afford. However, Lily doesn't trust Mickey to be their nanny if her own upbringing is any indication of how he would look after Marvin. When they do find who they consider the perfect nanny and she them, a certain quest by one of their friends may prove to place a slight obstacle in the proceedings. And Ted and Robin end up competing about which of their current relationships is at a better place.

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