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Something Blue
English, Spanish
22 min


Marshall and Lily are having problems at their wedding reception. Whether they want to or not, they become so caught up in their roles as the center of attention of the event, that they have no opportunity to eat. Since they chose the meal, they are even more perturbed that they don't seem to be able to enjoy any of the food. As the reception progresses, the want to taste the food changes to the need to eat or else die of hunger. Meanwhile, Barney overhears Ted and Robin say that they have something important happening in their lives that they haven't wanted to talk about until after the wedding as not to overshadow the event. As Barney won't let it go, Ted and Robin are forced to tell him. The story relates to their one year anniversary dinner two weeks earlier, the day when they rushed into the apartment with their clothes covered with food. As Ted and Robin progress with the story, which has something to do with them being at a crossroads in their relationship, Barney comes to several conclusions before Ted and Robin state the conclusion themselves.

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