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World's Greatest Couple
English, Lithuanian
22 min


Two new couples are borne at approximately the same time. Lily has just moved into her run down and tiny new apartment. After taking a look at it, Ted and Robin know she can't live there. Robin would invite her to stay at her place, but Lily is allergic to dogs. And none of the gang have ever even been to Barney's place, he who doesn't offer. But after a mishap at Lily's place, she is desperate to stay with Barney if only for a short time. After some pleading, Barney reluctantly agrees. Barney's reluctance turns to joy when he sees that Lily can be of some use in life. Barney and Lily fall into fake wedded bliss. Is a divorce imminent? Meanwhile, Marshall is lamenting not being able to do typically couple oriented activities anymore, those things such as going to concerts, to the theater or to brunch. But when he asks his old law school friend Brad, who is also going through a recent break-up himself, to use his second ticket (which was originally purchased for Lily when they were still a couple) to an Alanis Morissette concert, Brad agrees. But Marshall and Brad start doing many of those couple things together. As they settle into coupledom, is their divorce also imminent?

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