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The Bracket
22 min


Of late, Barney has been trying to pick up women as usual, and as usual things are initially going well with his scam pick-ups, but after he steps away for a few second he returns for the woman to give him a harsh slap across the face. He finds out what's going on when seen with Barney, Lily is approached by a woman telling her that Barney is a lying cheat that will say and do whatever just to get into her pants. As the woman Lily describes could be a number of the women that Barney has slept with through lies and deceit, Barney has to figure out who she is. To narrow the list down, Barney is inspired by Ted and Marshall's love of NCAA basketball and decides to have his own version of March Madness, with the top sixty-four prospects pairing off in individual matches - with the gang deciding which girl is the winner in each pairing - until the final girl is determined. But they are only able to narrow things down to the final four. As only Lily knows what the girl looks like, she accompanies Barney on the final quest. Lily has her own motives for helping Barney with this task. And Robin thinks she has a better plan for tracking down the mysterious woman, with herself in the starring role.

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