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Little Boys
22 min


Lily thinks that a guy she knows named George is perfect for Robin, but he's a single father (his son, Doug, is in Lily's class), which is usually a deal breaker for kid hating Robin. Robin decides to give George a try and she does fall for him, even strong enough in her feelings and confident enough to tell him that she has a problem with kids. But when Robin inadvertently meets Doug in a morning after situation, Robin ends up having a slightly different reaction to Doug, which brings up a situation Robin has never faced. Meanwhile, Ted and Barney make a bet on who can sleep with the next beautiful woman they see at MacLaren's, that woman whose name is Stacey. As Ted's luck would have it, Stacey ends up being an old conquest of Barney's who she hates. Ted seems to have the bet in the bag, until his conscience gets the better of him.

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