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Robin thinks she's made it into the big time when one of Ted's students recognizes her from her stint on the morning show. Robin revels in the recognition so much so that she even drops by his class just so that more of his students will recognize her, which they do. Ted is later happy to learn that his students don't watch the show for Robin's interviewing prowess, but that her interviews are used for what they call the "but-um" drinking game. Ted can't help but rub Robin's nose with this information. But Robin thinks she has the last laugh on the matter. Meanwhile, Marshall is continually telling the exploits of his crazy new colleague, Jenkins. What Marshall fails to tell his friends is that Jenkins is a beautiful young woman, which transforms those crazy exploits into sexually provocative acts. Marshall, who was fearing Lily's reaction, is dismayed to learn that Lily isn't jealous when she actually meets Jenkins. After Jenkins kisses Marshall, he wants to use that act to make Lily jealous, but will Lily believe that Marshall can attract someone like Jenkins?

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