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Ease for Idle Millionaires
42 min


As Mrs. S continues to find out more about Westmorland and Neolutionists with Scott and Hell Wizard doing most of the academic research, Sarah reaches a new agreement with Kira not only as mother and daughter, but concerning the tie to their heritage within Leda. Meanwhile, Cosima continues her leads trying to get information from Aisha as to what she is going through at Camp Revival, and trying to discover who the being in the forest is, she, with its tooth in hand, knowing that it is human despite what Mud or anyone else on the island may say. Cosima may have to work fast with the latter as the creature has killed yet again and the islanders want the matter dealt with before it kills again. And Delphine returns to the island. Cosima and Delphine's relationship continues its emotional course, where Cosima has to decide if she can trust Delphine in her keeping Cosima in the dark about certain issues. One of the issues about which Delphine is a bit more forthcoming is Kira and the fact that Rachel is doing research on her at Dyad, which may in turn affect what Cosima decides to do concerning that trust.

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