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Broken Hearted
42 min


Brody's mom who works for DARPA comes to town and Brody tries to tell her about the pictures she's been getting that hints that there's more to her sister's death than they thought. Her mother thinks someone is messing with her and before they could talk further Brody's called by Pride. It seems like two corpsmen who were responding to an emergency call were killed. They learn that the id of one of them was taken. They later learn that the id was used to take part in a transport but the driver and the other corpsman were killed. When Pride gets there. they discover that they were transporting an organ for transplant and they shot it making it useless. They learn that the organ was meant for a computer tech who works for DARPA. Pride and his team go to where the tech is awaiting for the organ and they are met by Brody's mom who is the tech's handler. They think someone destroyed the organ cause they want to kill the tech. But they later learn something else is going on.

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