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Help Wanted
42 min


When there's an explosion at a restaurant, the team is called in because one of the persons injured is a Naval culinary specialist who was on leave and the restaurant she was working at is her mother's. Her step-father accuses another restaurateur of blowing their restaurant because he made an offer which they refused. But after talking to the man, they don't think it was him. And when Sebastian reveals his findings they think the specialist was the intended target. When she wakes up, Pride goes to see her and she refuses to talk to him. So they try to find out who would want to kill her. In the meantime, Brody is in D.C. to investigate the hack of their files that would lead to the demise of General Matthews' career. Her investigation catches the attention of the FBI who take her in. But before they could really turn up the heat, an agent from Homeland shows up and says Brody is working with them, so they let her go. Brody wants to know why he did that. He says he also interested in what they are investigating.

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