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Episode #1.1


In 1930 George Mottershead, still tormented by memories of the Great War, where his brother died, is collecting supplies from Liverpool docks for his father Albert's shop when he sees an abandoned monkey and parrot, which he brings home. He plans to sell Mortimer, the monkey, to a circus but instead ends up rescuing an elderly camel. Younger daughter June is thrilled by the menagerie in the backyard, other family members less so. Then George accidentally comes across the dilapidated Oakfield Manor in the village of Upton, which is up for auction. Encouraged by friendly aristocrat Lady Katherine Longmore George secures a bank loan and, assisted by Albert, who sells his shop, buys the manor with a view to turning it into a zoo without bars. The family moves into the manor but, despite support from his wife Lizzie, George's sour mother Lucy and elder daughter Muriel, are not impressed and matters are not helped when Mortimer escapes and creates havoc in the village store.

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