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Out of Time
43 min


Mark Mardon, the brother of Clyde Mardon kills a man who works at a morgue to get the name who killed his brother. Barry runs at super speed and sees himself running beside him while heading to the morgue. Eddie starts getting upset at Iris for acting weird with Barry and Linda finds out Iris's true feelings for Barry. The Police Captain almost gets killed by Mark Mardon by saving Joe West. Iris gets evidence from a friend at her work on Harrison Wells and asks Barry about it. Cisco starts to get suspicious about Harrison, he finds out that Eddie is a close relative of Harrison and gets killed by Harrison. Mark kidnaps Joe and brings him on the ocean. Iris gets a call from Mark , Iris and Barry go to the beach to find him. Mark creates a Tsunami that could destroy the city and Barry shows Iris his powers. Barry tries to go as fast he could to create a wall of wind and accidentally time travels back in time to where he was trying to get to the morgue.

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