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USA, Canada
44 min


Exploring Destiny the team finds a chair similar to the one found in Antarctica by General Jack O'Neil. Young orders no one to sit in it, the neural interface can be very dangerous. Rush has found an Icarus like planet filled with naquadria in Destiny's database, only a year away. The news heightens crew moral, evident in the Pshyc evaluations preformed from Johansen. On a trip to the planet Matthew Scott gets a letter from an old friend and when he goes to visit her he discovers that she has an eight year old child that he fathered. Camille goes to the planet to visit her girl friend, an emotional reunion ensues. When Scott returns to Destiny he has a vision of Telford visiting Emily Young, Everett Young's wife. Young goes to the planet to see Telford with his wife and attempts to attack him but the stones are pulled before he can. It is discovered that Rush has planted the information about the planet, and there is no way to dial home yet. Rush claims that this is because he wanted to boost moral on the ship. In the end Young surprises Telford on the planet and beats him.

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