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Chapter Ten
English, Spanish
42 min


After Alba's found she's brought to the hospital, Jane and Xo stand vigil. Jane wants to pray but can't find Alba's rosary, thinking it fell out after she fell, Jane goes to the hotel to look for it. After finding it she tries to go back to the hospital but a storm hits keeping her there. Michael and Nadine follow the tunnel they found and discover an operating room. Petra gives Rafael the divorce papers and wants the money from their pre nup but Rafael refuses to honor it. She tries to tell him the truth but he doesn't believe her. Emilio has to leave and puts Rafael in charge and among the duties he gives him is to lay off some people. Rose overhears a phone call Emilio is having with someone and hears something unsettling. To find out what it is, she goes to see Luisa who is not happy to see her. The hospital informs Xo that because of Alba being an illegal alien, she will be deported. Jane's co-workers learn that lay offs are being implemented so they ask her to talk to Rafael.

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