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USA, Canada
44 min


The water reserves are mysteriously disappearing, in massive amounts, and members of the crew are quick to blame others. When Destiny drops out of FTL the only planet in range is an ice planet with a toxic atmosphere and only two of the space suits are operational. Colonel Young and Luitenenant Scott gate to the planet and start the search for pure ice, using Eli's new invention, a hover cart. When the Colonel is away, Johansen, who is currently in charge, discovers that the dust aliens Scott found on another planet, followed him to destiny and are using up massive amounts of water. The aliens seem harmless until aggravated by a startled crew member and attack him. Meanwhile, Scott and Young have found pure ice a ways from the gate and have returned for a second load. Johansen has a plan to trap the aliens in an air locked room, but when they do the now angered aliens begin to look for a way out. Back on the planet, while returning to the stargate with another load of ice, lieutenant Scott fall into a crevice, during a tremor, and becomes stuck. With Young attempting to dislodge him and pull him out another tremor causes the crevice to enclose tighter and rupture Scotts suit, slowly causing him to loose consciousness. With time running out Young must decide weather or not to leave Scott behind and get the ice back to Destiny. On Destiny the trapped aliens find a way out of the locked room, so Johansen comes up with a plan to lure them into a container of water and lock them in. Another tremor occurs on the planet and releases Scott to fall farther into the crevice but Young is able to catch him just in time and pull him out, just in time to rush to the gate to see the container of aliens being hurdled out through the Stargate and gate back before destiny goes back into FTL. The ice provide some water but the problem remains, there not enough water to survive.

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