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Episode #1.8
59 min


A new virus hits Forthaven,striking down Lily and Tipper among others, and Tate fears it is the host's response to the city's signals. He and Stella plan to set up a transmitter to jam the signals carrying the virus but Berger tries to prevent them by explaining that it will stop the transporter with which he has been in touch from arriving from Earth. Berger tries to blame the outbreak on the A.C.s,especially Fleur and reveals that Fleur is an A.C. created in a niche project on Earth with some of Tate's DNA. Cass helps Fleur to escape to the desert,telling her that on Earth he worked for murderous gangsters but turned them in in exchange for his new identity. He delivers her to Rudi and the A.C.s set out on a trek for new territory. Tate resigns as president,handing over to Jack,who has Berger arrested and allows the transmitter to be created. Tipper and Lily are among those who recover as the virus is prevented,the transporter landing in the desert outside Forthaven.

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