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I Live Here Now
73 min


After John finds out about the hand-print and Kevin returns with Michael from the woods, Kevin faces John with a newly remembered crucial detail: he saw the girls faking their disappearance while sleepwalking to drown himself. He gets shot by a suspicious and broken John in the chest. Meanwhile, Nora and Matt face a huge surprise when Mary awakens, John and Erika are shocked to find out that their daughter and the two other girls are alive and well, but members of the Guilty Remnant now, and Meg is about to execute her big plan that can ruin the peaceful life in Miracle. Kevin wakes up at the Hotel again, but finds a way out by emotionally singing Simon and Garfunkel's song "Homeward Bound" on a Karaoke. A hoard of now-Guilty-Remnant people that have been camping outside Jarden enters the town to demolish it. While trying to find help for his gunshot wound, Kevin finds John who helps him. Kevin returns home, where all of his family are waiting for him: Jill, Laurie, Matt, Mary, Tom, Lily, and Nora.

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