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The Foot
English, Spanish
60 min


While cleaning a dough-mixer from the interior, Thomas Alfredo Ramono gets caught in his aide accidentally activating it. Nate agrees to sell to Kroehner's, with Ruth's support (and David's opposition overruled), but changes his mind when he hears another's view of Gilardi so is forced to reconsider if this easy choice is the best one. Gabe reveals that he and Claire slept together, resulting in mockery from half the school, so she decides to get revenge on him in a disturbing, sick move. Ruth's friend Amelia makes it over to offer sympathy and eventually succeeds in raising her spirit by gambling at the racetrack...but Nate and David sink it again after it already falls when her luck reverses. Just as Claire returns with more bad news for the family, an apparently good piece of news comes up: the cheap crematorium Gilardi planned to open in the house across the road burns down...but the timing, between Claire's recent suspicious actions, Nate's brutal rejection of Gilardi, and his and Brenda's sleeping there hours earlier, doesn't look good for the Fishers in the short run.

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