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Knock, Knock
60 min


Matthew Gilardi discusses the difficulties of convincing the Fishers to sell to Kroehner's with his superior Mitzi Dalton Huntley while golfing, and one of the balls hits Tracy Montrose Blair's aunt Lillian Grace Montrose. Tracy is her usual difficult self while refusing to sign the Fishers' service contract, changing her mind completely about what kind of service to have, and being finicky over the only coffin available of the chosen kind, but shows a different side of herself when revealing why she's so devoted to keeping this funeral perfect. Claire is unaware that Gabe robs a convenience store, but still fears for him when she dreams that her father predicts his life won't last much longer. Father Jack is reprimanded for presiding over a lesbian marriage, and when the deacons get to an argument over this David is forced to voice his opinion as a tie-breaking vote, so his secret is revealed and he is dismissed quietly in order to keep Fr. Jack there. Ruth and Hiram decide their relationship has lost its original touch and each have found a partner; in Ruth's case, it's Nikolai. Brenda is troubled by Billy's unhappiness with institutional life and argues with Nate about him - and they're involved in a car accident that may have dangerous consequences for at least one of them.

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