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Hell's Kitchen
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Encouraged by Prentiss to visit Reid who has been asking for him, Rossi, who had his own personal reasons for not visiting earlier, stays behind as the rest of the team heads to New York City for their next case. That case is of Katie Hammond, missing now for five days, today her sixteenth birthday. The team is able to tie Katie's abduction back to two cold cases, the murder victim in both those cases and Katie who could be sisters based solely on their physical resemblance. While Katie does have parents who love her and thus has a supportive home life in that respect, the previous victims both led high risk lives, hence the reason their cases went cold. The previous victims were held for one week before they were murdered, their dead bodies posed in a public location, with their bodies having been drained of blood both pre- and post-mortem. Because of the time frame, the team knows they have to work fast as Katie, if still alive, only has a few more days before the unsub will kill her. What does make Katie's case more difficult is that her parents, Bob and Liz Hammond, are divorced, their relationship acrimonious which prevents them from providing a joint front. The team is able to tie Katie's abduction to more and more cold cases reaching as far back as ten years, the similarities, most specifically the geographical locations of the abductions and the time of the day they were abducted and bodies found, may narrow their search in more than one respect. Meanwhile, Reid, who has not been sleeping after Delgado's murder, is able to see more clearly the power hierarchy among the inmates. Based on that and his truncated chat with Rossi, Reid comes to some decisions about how he will conduct himself inside, including how he will deal with the directive to help move the new shipment of drugs or else.

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