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Episode #1.1


The Germans have won World War II and the Nazis occupy Britain, dealing harshly with the Resistance. Widowed detective Douglas Archer tries to be impartial and is accused of being a collaborator by his mistress and secretary Sylvia, a member of the Resistance. Douglas is called to investigate the murder of antique shop owner Peter Thomas, who has gunshot wounds but seemingly died of liver failure. Furthermore his shop was a Resistance safe house and he had recently visited a top secret airfield. The killer would seem to be Peter's brother Spode but Douglas is surprised when SS Standartedfuhrer Huth takes over the case, to the annoyance of Douglas's 'boss', General Kellerman, now in charge of the police. Douglas is also intrigued by American journalist Barbara Brarga, who claims to have known the victim only slightly, though Douglas has his suspicions.

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