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Plan B
42 min


Jeremy visits Damon and tells that he knows where the moonstone is and also that Tyler is not a werewolf and Damon asks him to get the stone Meanwhile Caroline has a long conversation with her mother Liz but she compels her in the end. Bonnie stumbles into Mason and she has a vision of Elena kissing him, but Stefan realizes that the woman is Katherine instead. Stefan and Damon ask Bonnie to help them to kidnap Mason using her powers. Damon knocks Mason out and the Salvatore brothers kidnap him. Damon tortures Mason to know the intentions of Katherine and Bonnie tells Stefan that the moonstone is inside a well in the Lockwood real state. When Stefan jumps into the well, the place is full of verbena. Damon rips the heart of Mason out and he calls Katherine to tell that he has just killed Mason. Katherine's revenge will begin with Jenna.

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