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For Whom the Bell Tolls
43 min


After his possession by Silas and memory-sweep by Quetsoya, Stefano spends time with Damon and Elena to rediscover them and especially himself, even his powers. Although interested and amused, he decides against relapsing in the perilous state of Mr. Nice Vampire and Elena's romantically devoted lover. Jeremy can't stand all his friends counting on Bonnie and her magic, so he ends up telling Damon that she forfeited her life by bringing him back to full life. Caroline depressed missing Tyler, hopes to get closer to professor Wes Maxfield trough his assistant Jesse, who seems most receptive to her romantic passes, but turns out another pawn in bloody games, whose life she can only saving by turning him into a vampire. Matt realizes suffering from time-outs since a sinister encounter with a Cezch Traveller and records some on video, thus discovering it's a form of possession which comes with blackening eyes and a death-treat. Tyler returns fro Bonnie's memorial service.

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