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Episode #1.5


After finding out about Relu's real job, Gina does not want him in their house. For the Oncescu family things start falling apart. Relu can't go home anymore and spends his nights in pubs. Magda is waiting messages from Teddy in vain, Chuckie takes refuge in practicing karate moves, Mr. Puiu refuses to leave his room and Gina smokes like a chimney. The Doctor makes an unannounced visit to Relu's home where he finds Gina and discovers that he has a wife and children. Following a discussion with Capitanu, Relu finds out that he is displeased with his services and in the future Relu will have to execute some tasks for free. He gets a new task: to recover some money from a senator in Constanta. Although initially things seem to be taken care of, the result is quite different than they expected. Mr. Puiu goes along with Teddy to find the Doctor.

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