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Episode #1.3


Richie is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease but is determined to restore the fire-damaged hotel. After the woman's torso is discovered in the sea Marin and his gang call on Matty,demanding medical help for Vajkal,whom Richie has severely injured. After Richie,starting to dement,mistakes Cal for Milton,a face from the past,the father and son agree to get a gang together to defeat the Albanians. There is a shoot-out in the neutral house where Seb has gone to treat the dying Vajkal but Jo arrives in time to save Seb,Richie and Matty. The police visit Jo and Matty,looking for murder suspect Cal,who is in hiding. They also want to talk to Richie but he drives off to a country house,where he sees the corpse of Milton but has to flee as he has been followed.

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