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Project Dawn #5
43 min


In order to force the delivery of a cache of weapons to war-torn Darfur, Janjaweed terrorists abduct Clare Somersby, a refugee-clinic doctor whose father is Latif's chief armorer, British arms dealer Gerald Crawford. The kidnapping gives Section 20 a lead on Latif, albeit through an alliance with Crawford, whose weapons were likely used in the assaults in New Delhi and Cape Town. Though Stonebridge holds Crawford personally responsible for past carnage, he and Scott are forced to pose as Crawford's aides in Sudan during negotiations spearheaded by Matak, a corrupt government minister. With an inquisitive American journalist (and occasional Scott paramour) named Maggie and her local guide Jacoub in tow, the Section 20/Crawford entourage arrange a rendezvous to secure Clare's release in exchange for cash. However, it's soon apparent that the Janjaweed leader, Tahir, wants more than money before he'll part ways with his hostage.

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