Ondertitels Strike Back, Seizoen 4 - Aflevering 2

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Episode #4.2
45 min


After the escape of Kamali, Section 20 with the help of DEA Agent Martinez and Mossad Agent Rebecca attempt to reacquire him by breaking into a bank and stealing the contents of Kamali's safety deposit box. In typical Section 20 fashion, all hell breaks loose during the escape. Rebecca is killed, but Richmond is able to access the information and find the locations of three safe houses that Kamali uses. Upon breaching the home, Kamali surrenders. He claims that he is CIA. With the prospect of dying if he is lying or dying if he is telling the truth, they allow him to take them hostage. During their questioning and torture at the hand of Gomez, Kamali frees them and goes back with them to Section 20. While all this madness is going on, Dalton is still searching for the source that exposed her team to Al Zuhari and Kamali. She finally gets some useful information from Sebastian Gray. As Gray is talking to her, he is shot. In the pursuing chase, Dalton runs out of bullets and has to be rescued by Locke.

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