Ondertitels Strike Back, Seizoen 4 - Aflevering 10

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Episode #4.10
48 min


Kamali is alive. He has fooled everyone involved. He takes Stonebridge and Scott prisoner. He sends them to Ulyanov. But, not before telling them that Al-Zuhari is dead. The boys escape from the guards using some brilliant moves. Locke makes a deal with Ulyanov get Kamali's target. He promises to turn over Scott and Stonebridge for Kamali and the cure. Kamali prepares to put his plan in motion. His target is Ramstein Air Base. He has several access points to deploy the weapon. He successfully deploys the weapon and commandeers a plane to escape and spread more of the virus. Richmond boards the plane and is knocked out. Damien and Michael get Richmond back and the commander of the base has the plan shot down. Ulyanov convinces Locke that he has Kamali. How he got off the plane is a mystery. He demands Locke exchange Stonebridge and Scott. In a crowded park the men make the exchange. When he double crosses everyone, Pirogova and Richmond take out the guards and Ulyanov.

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