Ondertitels Dalziel and Pascoe, Seizoen 9 - Aflevering 3

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Dead Meat: Part 1
120 min


When WPC 'Janet' Jackson is involved in a raid on a Chinese warehouse packed with illegal immigrants, she has no idea of the horror about to unfold.

The day after the raid, an animal rights activist who had a grudge against the zoo is found dead in the zoo's tiger enclosure. It looks as though the tigers have mauled him but, when Dalziel and Pascoe arrive, they discover that the death is more suspicious.

The victim is soon identified by his mother, Jenny Challoner, who appears unmoved by her son’s death.

The zoo and hi-tech surgery – which deals with unusual veterinary cases from all over the world – lie in the grounds of a stately home, once the site of an infamous murder case.

Its owner, Lord Tiger Harper, disappeared after the murder of Billy Huddlestone in the Seventies. He was never seen again but left the estate in Guy's care. However, as the mystery of what happened to Lord Harper and Robin Challoner unravels, the team discovers the appalling truth behind the façade of the zoo..

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