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Gone Daddy Gone
60 min


Jane and Maura investigate the murder of Melissa Joy Black who is found dead, tied to a pier at the port with an ice pick through the heart. Maura is concerned that it may be a mob killing with links to her biological father Paddy Doyle and so calls in another medical examiner, the fastidious Dr. Pike, who finds a micro SD card in her stomach. Melissa's sister tells the police her father was injured on the job 6 months ago and will never recover. Melissa likely got a job at the docks after the union blamed their father for the accident claiming he was drinking on the job. A wounded Doyle shows up at Maura's house demanding medical treatment but denies having anything to do Melissa's death saying someone is trying to frame him. After Doyle's right-hand man is found dead, the police think a war over control of the docks may be underway. Maura meanwhile is spending time with Jane's brother Tommy. Vince is pushing Jane to take the mandatory sensitivity training and she goes out of her way to evade the training officer.

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