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Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow
English, Portuguese
44 min


Based on what Rachel had deciphered of Duncan's code, Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S believe the answer to finding the Castor original is in London, where they head to Mrs. S' old stomping grounds prior to Sarah and Felix entering her life. Help from Mrs. S' old network of friends doesn't turn out quite the way they expect, which leads to diverging opinions on what to do next. Cosima now believes what Delphine had intimated, that Shay is a mole for Castor. Cosima and Delphine individually have to decide what to do based on that belief. Donnie's physical altercation with Jason jeopardizes the business partnership between Jason and the Hendrixes, with the resulting actions profoundly affecting Helena. Helena proves to be much more resourceful in resolving the matter to her satisfaction than Donnie imagines.

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Orphan Black - 03x09 - Insolvent Phantom of