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Episode #1.1


Richie Beckett has a murky past but is now a respected businessman in Brighton. His sons Cal and Matty have taken over the illegal side of the family business and are under pressure to form an alliance with the Albanian Marin and his gang of pimps and drug-importers. As insurance the married Cal is leaned on when the gang kills a girl he has slept with and threaten to implicate him. Cal calls in Richie to get rid of the evidence and Richie makes it clear to the Albanians he has no desire to join them. Matty,the calmer of the two boys,tells Richie he believes he should have agreed as well as showing concern that,after years dry,his father has started drinking heavily. Matty tells his mother Jo of his concerns and is also perturbed to learn that Richie violently assaulted a cyclist who has annoyed him. Jo asks Richie for an explanation but Richie gets a call from Cal to come to town where a car is blazing.

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