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The Unwanted
90 min


Back home to act as best man at an old army friend's wedding, Peter Pascoe soon finds himself in the midst of a murder investigation. His friend, Sgt. Ian Henslowe marries Jill Lowry unifying the two largest farming and land-owning families in the area. The wedding day is not a happy one however when another army mate, Cpl. Martin Wilkie, is found dead in the pig barn. Wilkie was a bit of a loudmouth constantly insulting others, particularly Peter's overweight cousin, Terry Pascoe. When it's revealed that the new bride was also having an affair with Wilkie, and may be pregnant by him, there's an even greater to do. For Andy Dalziel, who has been fretting about his health and the need for a medical exam, Peter is a suspect like the others and tells him to stay out of the case. Two other murders - made to look like a murder-suicide - provides the police with additional evidence. Andy also becomes interested in a group of illegal immigrant farm workers who were rounded up the night before the wedding and the fact that some of the illegals may have been missed.

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